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Womens streetwear hoodies

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Harajuku Butterfly Hoodie: A Symphony of Style

Step into the season with a wearable expression of art. The Womens streetwear hoodies collection brings you the Harajuku Butterfly Hoodie, blending iconic streetwear with ethereal beauty. Crafted with a harmonious mix of cotton and polyester, these hoodies are your cocoon of comfort as the chill sets in.

Your Style, Your Statement

Each hoodie is a canvas featuring a vibrant butterfly print, symbolizing transformation and hope. This piece is a conversation starter, an emblem of the Y2K fashion renaissance. The STANDARD thickness ensures warmth and longevity, while the regular fit and length offer a laid-back, chic silhouette.

Embrace your unique palette with options in Black, Purple, and Green, and sizes ranging from S to XL. With no closure to interrupt the design, the hooded collar frames your face, inviting an air of mystery. Make it yours before it flutters away—limited availability for a statement that's distinctly yours.

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Womens streetwear hoodies
Regular price $101.00 Sale price $163.00

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