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Vintage streetwear pants

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Unleash your style with Vintage streetwear pants, a tribute to the timeless Harajuku fashion essence.

Everyday Elegance Meets Street Edge

Dive into the world of classic style, upgraded for today's trendsetters. The Streetwear Cargo Pants Multi Pockets Pants 2023 resonates with the daring spirit of Harajuku, blending seamlessly with your everyday wardrobe. Expertly crafted from soft cotton denim, these pants exude the quality and flair the modern man seeks.

Functionality Fused with Fashion

These midweight trousers are more than just a statement piece. Equipped with multiple pockets, they offer practicality while ensuring a regular fit for all-day comfort. With a spectrum of shades - Black, Brown, and Army Green - they're designed to match the rhythm of every season. Whether you're hitting the streets in spring or chilling in autumn, these pants are your go-to choice.

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Vintage streetwear pants
Regular price $114.00 Sale price $190.00

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