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Tokyo streetwear hoodie

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Step into the Streets of Tokyo

Dive deep into the urban pulse of Japan with the Tokyo streetwear hoodie. Harnessing the artistic essence of Harajuku and the vibrancy of HIP HOP, this piece is more than clothing – it's a canvas of culture.

Quality Meets Comfort

Articulated with a lavish blend of COTTON and Polyester, this hoodie ensures warmth throughout Autumn and Winter. Its White and WineRed tones are enriched by the unmistakable Great Wave graphic, echoing the intricate depths of Japanese aesthetics.

Style Beyond Seasons

Each detail, from the regular sleeve style to the soft, high-quality fabric, culminates in a hoodie that's both fashionable and functional. Craving more of such authentic streetwear vibe? Dive into our dedicated streetwear hoodies collection.


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Tokyo streetwear hoodie
Regular price $106.00 Sale price $159.00

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