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Sweatpants streetwear

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A New Dimension of Style

Step into a realm where comfort meets unique artistic expression. Our 2023 Japanese-inspired sweatpants offer you the perfect blend of casual wear and trend-setting design.

Quality That You Can Feel

Crafted from Polyester, these pants are a manifestation of quality, designed for those who settle for nothing but the best. They come with a midweight thickness and a regular fit, ensuring your comfort in any setting.

Not Just Pants, It's Art

With intricate Harajuku Ukiyoe patterns of Dragon and Koi Fish, these aren't merely Sweatpants streetwear; they are a canvas expressing Japan's rich culture and aesthetic.

Customize Your Comfort

Available in a range of sizes from M to XXL and versatile colors like black and white, these pants come with a mid waist type and an elastic waist to suit any physique.

Additional Perks

Enjoy the perks of Free Shipping and Fast Delivery, giving you more reasons to choose us for your Sweatpants streetwear collection.

If you're interested in discovering more, take a tour of our streetwear sweatpants or broaden your horizons with our streetwear pants collection.

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Sweatpants streetwear
Regular price $60.00 Sale price $99.00

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