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Streetwear oversized hoodie

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Experience Timeless Fashion with the Streetwear oversized hoodie

Submerge in a blend of vintage allure and modern-day street style. Crafted with passion, this Streetwear oversized hoodie is a testament to urban chic. Made from a comforting mix of COTTON and Polyester, it ensures warmth during Autumn and Winter, keeping you stylish every season.

Its unique Japanese Anime Cartoon Graphic design, echoing the vibes of Harajuku, transports wearers to the neon streets of Tokyo, all while resonating with the nostalgic Y2K era. A perfect companion for those who dare to stand out, the hoodie's washed black tone complements the intricate pattern, promising a captivating look.

Want more of this urban elegance? Enhance your wardrobe with our curated streetwear hoodies collection.


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Streetwear oversized hoodie
Regular price $121.00 Sale price $182.00

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