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Streetwear motorcycle jacket

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Ride with Style

Shift gears and elevate your fashion game with the streetwear motorcycle jacket. Channeling the raw energy and spirit of the open road, this jacket is a blend of timeless moto aesthetics with contemporary streetwear vibes.

Crafted with impeccable detail, the heart spider web embroidery speaks to the urban soul. Whether you're revving up your bike or simply out for a night in the city, its high-quality fabric ensures utmost comfort and resilience. With a color palette dominated by sleek black, it's a versatile addition to any wardrobe, perfect for those cooler autumn and winter months.

The rib sleeve cuff and the turn-down collar give it a classic touch, while the short length makes it distinctly streetwear. It's not just a jacket; it's a statement, a testament to the daring spirit of the modern-day urban warrior.

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Streetwear motorcycle jacket
Regular price $179.00 Sale price $308.00

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