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Streetwear kimono jacket

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Step into the realm of Japanese elegance infused with urban edge - presenting the Streetwear kimono jacket. Crafted for the modern individual who appreciates culture and style, this jacket offers an unparalleled aesthetic experience.

The Spirit of the Warrior

This piece is a symphony of Japan Style, prominently showcasing a captivating Warrior Print. The warrior, symbolizing strength and honor, stands out against the pristine white hue of the jacket, capturing the imagination and admiration of onlookers. Its short length and turn-down collar offer a contemporary twist, making it the perfect blend of tradition and trend.

Made from high-quality, soft, and comfortable polyester, this Streetwear kimono jacket promises more than just visual allure. Experience seamless wear thanks to its thin summer-ready fabric and the ease of an open stitch closure. Enjoy the luxury of swift delivery, topped with the advantage of free shipping, ensuring the best shopping experience for you.

Make a statement, reflect your appreciation for artistry and culture, and redefine streetwear. Discover more in our exclusive range at Kimono Streetwear.

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Streetwear kimono jacket
Regular price $52.00 Sale price $88.00

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