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Mens streetwear socks

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When it comes to urban elegance, Mens streetwear socks play an understated yet pivotal role. Feel the soft embrace of quality Cotton paired with the breathable coolness of Bamboo Fiber. Every inch of this middle-tube design speaks volumes about your style quotient.

Harajuku: Where Tradition Meets Trend

The intricate Chinese Kanji print, set against a striking palette of black and passionate red, becomes an instant conversation starter. Designed in the bustling lanes of Harajuku, these socks celebrate the harmony of traditional motifs with hipster aesthetics. With a STANDARD thickness, they promise not just style, but exceptional comfort, even in your most dynamic moments.

No distractions, no obscene imagery, just pure fashion-forward expression. Perfect for the skateboard enthusiast or the urban explorer, these casual crew-high socks are more than just accessories – they're statements.

Seeking more foot statements? Discover our complete streetwear socks range.

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Mens streetwear socks
Regular price $15.00 Sale price $25.00

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