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Male kimono streetwear

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Immerse yourself in a tale where contemporary style meets traditional Japanese elegance with our Male kimono streetwear. Crafted meticulously to encapsulate the spirit of summer, this piece carries with it a story that's as rich as the history of the Land of the Rising Sun.

A Glimpse of Timeless Beauty

The radiant Retro Floral Crane design beckons memories of age-old Japanese tales, rendered beautifully on the smooth, soft, high-quality polyester. Each fold of the Japan Style kimono feels like a whisper from the past, guiding you through modern street style scenes. Breathable for the summer heat, its thin fabric ensures utmost comfort while the regular length ensures a fit that's just right.

A style that's not just about fashion but also a representation of a cultural tapestry. This summer, wear a story, live an adventure, and move with the grace of the Great Wave Crane. Dive deeper into tradition reimagined in our Kimono Streetwear collection.

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Male kimono streetwear
Regular price $49.00 Sale price $83.00

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