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Korean streetwear hoodies

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A Tapestry of Tradition and Trend

Wrap yourself in the essence of Korea with our Korean streetwear hoodies. Meticulously crafted from a premium blend of COTTON and Polyester, this hoodie epitomizes the seamless fusion of Korea's rich heritage with today's street fashion pulse.

The allure lies in its intricate details: the exquisite Embroidery Floral design paired with the mythical Jade Rabbit bathing under the full moon. These symbols, deeply rooted in Korean folklore, are brought to life in a silhouette that's versatile and vogue. Whether you opt for the pristine White or the profound Black, you're donning a piece that resonates with the heartbeats of ancient tales and modern streets.

Its STANDARD thickness makes it a perfect companion for the poetic whispers of Autumn and Winter, and the Regular Fit ensures that style meets comfort in every wear. This isn't just apparel; it's a conversation starter, a story of Korea told through threads and textures.

Experience more of Korea's sartorial elegance. Dive deep into our collection of streetwear hoodies.


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Korean streetwear hoodies
Regular price $108.00 Sale price $162.00

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