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Japanese streetwear kimono

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Immerse yourself in the art of authentic Japanese streetwear kimono. This contemporary piece is not just an attire but an experience that captures the essence of summer with its thin, breathable polyester. The fluidity of high-quality polyester is paired with a soft touch, ensuring maximum comfort while making a statement.

The Art of Harajuku

Steeped in the Harajuku culture, the jacket presents a symphony of iconic Japanese visuals – the powerful Dragon, and the mesmerizing Kanagawa Great Wave. Its short length and regular sleeve style are matched with a turn-down collar and open stitch closure to bring a unique blend of style and ease.

This gown doesn’t just hold the secrets of the East but promises unparalleled quality, quick shipping, and the cherry on top - free shipping. Whether it's the radiant white or the mysterious black, both colors perfectly encapsulate the Dragon and Great Wave print.

For those who resonate with Japan's timeless aesthetics and modern vibes, this is a must-have addition. Dive deeper into our world. Discover our whole range at Kimono Streetwear.

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Japanese streetwear kimono
Regular price $49.00 Sale price $83.00

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