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Corduroy pants outfit mens streetwear

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Step into the Vanguard of Fashion

Embrace the soul of the streets with the sophistication of corduroy pants outfit mens streetwear. Meticulously crafted from soft cotton fabric, our pants set the tone for a transcendent style experience. Experience the plushness of corduroy combined with the fluidity of harem pants.

In a world filled with monotony, stand out with a medley of brick red, green, yellow, and black patchwork. Whether you're riding the waves of a bustling city or lounging at a serene café, these pants with an elastic waist, drawstring, and big pockets ensure both comfort and an unrivaled aesthetic appeal.

Suitable for all seasons, from the blossoms of spring to winter's chilly embrace, let every step you take be a statement in itself.

If these stir your fashion senses, don't miss our wider range of streetwear cargo pants. And for those looking to redefine their entire wardrobe, explore our diverse streetwear pants collection.

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Corduroy pants outfit mens streetwear
Regular price $123.00 Sale price $220.00

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