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Blue streetwear hoodie

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Experience Authentic Urban Vibes with the Blue streetwear hoodie

The essence of street style isn't just in appearance—it's a feeling, a vibe, a statement. With a harmonious blend of COTTON and Polyester, this hoodie offers an embodiment of comfort and quality. As the shades of autumn and winter set in, allow this hoodie to become a part of your identity.

The Retro Hipster Graphic design, intrinsic to the Harajuku culture, communicates a story—a narrative of individuality in the bustling streets of urban landscapes. Whether you identify as a man, woman, boy, or girl, this unisex hoodie speaks to all. Its Washed Black and Blue shades seamlessly merge with its loose design, making it an epitome of style and comfort.

But this isn't just about clothing—it's about self-expression, the rhythm of the streets, the pulse of urban life. Delve into the soft embrace of high-quality fabric. Become one with the graphic spirit of streetwear.

Join the movement. Express the unspoken. And if this resonates with you, don't miss our exquisite range of streetwear hoodies.


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Blue streetwear hoodie
Regular price $124.00 Sale price $186.00

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