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Asian streetwear hoodies

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Where Tradition Meets Trend

Dive into a harmonious blend of heritage and style with our Asian streetwear hoodies. Crafted with precision from a luxurious mix of COTTON and Polyester, each hoodie tells a story, a tale from the East wrapped in the modern allure of street fashion.

The ethereal Floral, Tower, Paper Umbrella, and Kanji Prints manifest the authentic essence of Asian culture. When combined with the urban silhouette of our LOOSE fit hoodie, you get a piece that's both timeless and timely. Whether it's the calming White or the vibrant Pink, every hue complements the intricate designs and celebrates the artistry of Asian folklore.

Perfect for the chilly whispers of Autumn and Winter, the STANDARD thickness ensures warmth without compromising on style. As you wear this, it's not just a hoodie, it's an ode to a rich cultural tapestry, inviting onlookers to embrace the beauty of the East.

Looking for more Asian-inspired artistry? Explore our full range of streetwear hoodies and find your next fashion statement.


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Asian streetwear hoodies
Regular price $100.00 Sale price $151.00

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