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Necklace fit streetwear

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Dive into a realm where fashion knows no bounds with the Necklace fit streetwear.

Expressive Elegance

Crafted from the pure essence of Stainless Steel, this necklace displays a 5mm Vintage Black Wide Cuban Chain, symbolizing the robust spirit of streetwear. The brushed matte silver finish captures the refined nuances of style, embodying Punk, Rock, Classic, Trendy, and Romantic vibes all at once.

A True Testimony of Taste

It's more than just metal. It's a statement, an emotion, an identity. This necklace serves as an epitome of an adventurous soul intertwined with an elegant demeanor.

Feel the vibe? Dive deeper into our collection of streetwear necklaces and let the streets hear your roar.

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Necklace fit streetwear
Regular price $27.00 Sale price $48.00

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