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Top streetwear brands 2024

The Evolution of Streetwear: Top Brands to Watch in 2024

The streetwear scene has seen a massive evolution over the past 30 years. With the fusion of luxury fashion and street culture, the lines between luxury and streetwear have become increasingly blurred. Let's take a deep dive into the top streetwear brands that are setting the fashion world alight in 2024.

Korean Streetwear

Korea, renowned for its K-pop and technological advancements, is also emerging as a dominant player in the fashion industry. Brands like Korean Streetwear bring a mix of contemporary fashion and traditional Korean elements, with innovative designs and bold prints, making it a go-to brand for fashion enthusiasts.

AIMÉ LEON DORE & Aime Leon Dore

The brand with a name so nice, we mention it twice. Leon Dore has been a beacon in the streetwear market for its refined aesthetic and exceptional craftsmanship. Their brand's collections, which heavily feature knit sweaters and tailored trousers, embody quality craftsmanship, setting them apart in the fashion world. Their ongoing collaboration with New Balance is especially sought after by streetwear enthusiasts.

Carhartt WIP

From its skateboarding roots, Carhartt WIP stands as a testament to how a brand can evolve while staying true to its core values. The brand's commitment to high-quality materials and classic silhouettes, especially their cargo pants and varsity jackets, resonates deeply with those who appreciate quality garments.

Awake NY

With its bold typography and vibrant graphics, Awake NY embodies the spirit of New York. Their statement outerwear pieces and graphic tees are a testament to the brand's dedication to the streetwear game.

Discover the Top Collections and Trends in Korea and around the world

Streetwear has taken global stage at events such as Paris Fashion Week, with few brands making as significant an impact as Korean labels. Combining unique aesthetic touches with high-quality materials, they're setting the pace for other brands.

Golf Wang

Founded by Tyler, The Creator, Golf Wang is known for its playful and irreverent approach. With eye-catching prints, vibrant colors, and a graphic heavy aesthetic, it's a brand that remains at the forefront of the streetwear culture.


Streetwear, once a niche culture, has heavily influenced the broader fashion industry, with luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Fear of God merging luxury streetwear elements into their collections. The future is bright for streetwear fashion, and as the boundaries continue to blur, one thing remains certain: its impact on the fashion world is here to stay.

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Leading the Charge: More Top Streetwear Brands in 2024

The evolution of streetwear fashion has produced numerous streetwear brands that stand out and set trends in the fashion industry. Let's explore more names that are defining street style this year.

Cactus Plant Flea Market

Starting as an enigmatic force in the streetwear space, Cactus Plant Flea Market quickly rose to fame. Their bold graphics and vibrant graphics make them a favorite among streetwear enthusiasts. Known for their graphic t-shirts and statement outerwear, they represent the playful side of contemporary design in streetwear.

Japanese Streetwear Influence

Japan has heavily influenced the world of streetwear. Brands from the Land of the Rising Sun offer a unique aesthetic, combining traditional Japanese elements with modern streetwear elements. Notably, labels such as Bathing Ape have brought forward Japanese denim and innovative design, making Japanese streetwear brands some of the best streetwear brands globally.

Key Highlights in the Streetwear Game

Every brand has a story. Some start with a flagship store in a bustling city, while others emerge from a creative collective of fashion enthusiasts. Regardless of how a brand began or where it's headed, their commitment to streetwear culture is evident. With streetwear brands using luxurious materials to produce quality garments, the line between high fashion and streetwear is increasingly thinning.

Adapting and Evolving

The streetwear game is continuously evolving. Brands are launching capsule collections, with some even partnering with luxury brands to produce luxury streetwear items that are both trendy and high-quality. This merger of street culture and luxury fashion is a testament to how far streetwear has come.

Final Thoughts

From the tailored trousers of AIMÉ LEON DORE to the skateboarding roots of Carhartt WIP, the world of streetwear is vast and varied. As 2024 unfolds, we anticipate seeing more brands infusing their collections with bold typography, graphic prints, and high-quality materials that cater to the discerning tastes of streetwear enthusiasts and fashion enthusiasts alike. The top streetwear brands of 2024 are not just setting trends; they're reshaping the fashion world.

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Q1: What is the significance of streetwear in the fashion industry?
A1: Streetwear represents a fusion of urban culture, fashion, and art. It has grown immensely in popularity, influencing even luxury fashion brands and reshaping contemporary fashion trends.

Q2: Which brand is highlighted as a rising name in the streetwear space?
A2: Cactus Plant Flea Market is highlighted as an emerging force, recognized for its bold graphics and playful designs.

Q3: How has Japanese streetwear influenced the global scene?
A3: Japanese streetwear, with brands like Bathing Ape, combines traditional Japanese elements with modern streetwear nuances, setting global trends and standards.

Q4: What characterizes the top streetwear brands of 2024?
A4: The leading brands are merging street culture with luxury fashion, emphasizing bold typography, innovative designs, and high-quality materials.

Q5: Are luxury brands collaborating with streetwear labels?
A5: Yes, there's a growing trend where luxury brands collaborate with streetwear brands to produce luxury streetwear items, blurring the line between high fashion and street culture.

Q6: Where can I find a curated selection of the best in streetwear for 2024?
A6: Korean Streetwear offers a carefully curated selection, keeping you updated with the latest trends and top brands of 2024.


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