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How to dress streetwear

Mastering Streetwear Style: A Complete Guide | Korean Streetwear


Streetwear Style: How to Master It? Complete Guide (+10 Tips)

The Evolution of Streetwear: From Street to Fashion Week

Streetwear, as a fashion style, has evolved exponentially from its very beginnings in the hip hop culture of the late 80s and early 90s. As hip hop merged with the fashion industry, streetwear was born, blending the high fashion of luxury brands with the gritty realism of street style. This blending of high and low, luxury and street, has created the unique streetwear aesthetic that is now seen on runways during fashion week.

Rule One: Luxe Up Your Fabrics

Modern streetwear aficionados know that streetwear takes inspiration not just from the streets but also from luxury brands. From silk bomber jackets to limited edition graphic tees, the choice of fabric elevates a simple piece to a statement one. Remember, while Louis Vuitton and Bathing Ape might be on opposite ends of the fashion spectrum, they both find their way into the closets of streetwear aficionados.

Learn From the Best

To truly understand how to dress streetwear, one needs to look back and learn from the pioneers. Brands like Bathing Ape and streetwear labels like Supreme set the tone, while Japanese streetwear introduced a fresh perspective, giving rise to the likes of UNDERCOVER and COMME des GARÇONS. Their influence on the streetwear scene is undeniable, setting trends and standards that many follow today.

Key Pieces of Streetwear Style

The streetwear outfit is made of a few staple pieces. Oversized hoodies, graphic tees, and baggy jeans have always been popular. But recently, bomber jackets and cargo pants have risen to the fore, representing a merger of function and style. And let's not forget sneakers, the crown jewel of any streetwear outfit. Whether you're sporting a classic pair of Air Jordans or some limited edition Louis Vuitton kicks, your sneakers often set the tone for your entire look.


Rule Two: Don't Be A Hype Beast

The essence of streetwear is not just about wearing the most popular model of sneakers or the latest trends. It's about expressing your own style. The hype beast culture, centered around acquiring and flaunting the most sought-after pieces, often distracts from the true ethos of streetwear fashion. Instead, wear what speaks to you, not just what's hyped up.

Silent Logos – No Branded Outfits

Brand logos can be eye-catching, but the most sophisticated streetwear outfits lean towards muted tones and subtle branding. This allows the quality and style of the clothes to shine without being overshadowed by brand loyalty.

Rule Three: Start From The Bottom

Any streetwear aficionado will attest that your outfit begins and often ends with your choice of sneakers. The sneaker culture, deeply embedded in streetwear, emphasizes the importance of a solid pair of kicks. Whether you're into classic black Air Jordans or more contemporary designs, your sneakers are the foundation of your streetwear outfit.

Loose Styles and the Rise of Baggy Clothes

Loose clothing, be it baggy jeans or slightly oversized hoodies, have been a defining characteristic of streetwear. The comfort and relaxed vibe they exude make them a staple in streetwear fashion. However, it's essential to strike a balance. Rule Four suggests: Think loose, not baggy. The difference lies in ensuring the fit still complements your body type, rather than swallowing it.

Streetwear knitted sweater

4 Characteristics of Streetwear Style

  • Authenticity: Being true to oneself and not merely following the hype.
  • Blend of Cultures: Merging elements from hip hop, Japanese streetwear, and high fashion.
  • Comfort: Prioritizing wearability and comfort, evident in the dominance of hoodies, tees, and sneakers.
  • Statement Pieces: Every outfit should have a piece that stands out, whether it's a graphic t-shirt, a unique bomber jacket, or a pair of limited edition sneakers.

The Characteristics of Streetwear

While streetwear encompasses a vast range of styles and influences, certain elements remain consistent. The infusion of hip hop fashion, the boldness of graphic tees, the ruggedness of denim jackets, and the ever-evolving sneaker culture together create the streetwear aesthetic that resonates across generations. The beauty of streetwear fashion lies in its adaptability and its ability to reflect contemporary art, societal shifts, and global influences.

Rule Five: Bring The Streets To Work

Gone are the days when office attire was restricted to suits and high heels. The modern workplace is increasingly embracing streetwear elements. Soft shouldered Italian tailoring combined with streetwear t-shirts, or a bomber jacket paired with a more formal bottom, demonstrates that the streetwear trend has permeated even professional settings. It's all about balance and tastefully blending different clothing styles.

4 Tips for Styling Streetwear

  • Mix and Match: Combine luxury streetwear with more affordable pieces to create a unique outfit.
  • Accessorize Right: A baseball cap, an eye-catching screen printed t-shirt, or a cropped jacket can enhance your overall look.
  • Stay Updated: Streetwear is ever-evolving. Stay updated with the latest trends, but ensure you're staying true to your own style.
  • Quality Over Quantity: Invest in key elements that last and can be versatile in multiple outfits, such as a quality denim jacket or a timeless pair of sneakers.

Oversized Hoodies and Their Place in Streetwear

Hoodies, especially oversized ones, have been a cornerstone of streetwear clothes. They offer comfort, style, and a canvas for self-expression, especially with graphic designs. Paired with cargo trousers or baggy jeans, they epitomize the relaxed yet trendy clothing that streetwear promotes.

The Sneakers: The Most Important Element!

Arguably the heart and soul of streetwear, sneakers represent much more than just footwear. They're symbols of identity, status, and allegiance to certain subcultures. From limited edition collaborations between artists and luxury brands to the classic models that never go out of style, sneakers are the foundation upon which many streetwear outfits are built.


Which Jacket for a Streetwear Style?

Jackets play a crucial role in any streetwear outfit. From bomber jackets that harken back to the 90s hip-hop culture to varsity jackets that ooze college nostalgia, and denim jackets that offer versatility, your choice of jacket can set the tone for your entire outfit. Whether you're after the Japanese streetwear minimalism with a muted bomber or the boldness of a graphic-laden denim jacket, the right choice can elevate your street style game immensely.

Black bomber jacket streetwear


How Streetwear Became a Fashion Style

Streetwear's roots can be traced back to the vibrant skate and hip-hop cultures of the 1980s and 1990s. Brands like Bathing Ape in Japan and the incorporation of streetwear elements by luxury brands like Louis Vuitton have played significant roles in propelling streetwear from the sidewalks to the high fashion runways. The blend of comfort, individualism, and the ability of streetwear to act as a canvas for personal and societal expressions made it not just a fashion style but a movement.

Choose Quality Clothing

While streetwear is often about catching the latest trends, it's also about investing in quality. Choosing well-made clothes, even if they come with a heftier price tag, means they'll last longer and look better over time. This philosophy isn't just about saving money in the long run; it's about respecting the craftsmanship behind streetwear clothing.

Mastering Your Streetwear Style: 10 Essential Tips

  1. Always prioritize comfort; if you don't feel good in it, don't wear it.
  2. Stay updated with streetwear brands, but don't be enslaved by them.
  3. Remember, less is often more. Choose one standout piece per outfit.
  4. Experiment with layers — a t-shirt under a loose shirt, topped with a jacket, can work wonders.
  5. Respect the sneaker culture. Keep them clean and in good shape.
  6. Accessorize smartly — a graphic tee or a unique baseball cap can change the game.
  7. Understand the difference between 'loose' and 'baggy.'
  8. Blend high fashion with streetwear for an edgy look.
  9. Personalize your outfits. Streetwear is about self-expression, after all.
  10. Most importantly, wear your outfit with confidence.

Recap: How to Master Streetwear Style?

In summary, mastering streetwear is a journey, not a destination. It's an ever-evolving style that takes inspiration from various cultures, eras, and personal expressions. By staying updated, prioritizing quality, and ensuring authenticity in your choices, you'll be on your way to becoming a true streetwear aficionado.

Want to Learn More About Unleashing Your Inner Fashionista?

Stay tuned to Korean Streetwear's blog for more insights, tips, and trends from the streetwear scene. Dive deep into the world of street fashion and make it your own!



FAQs on Mastering Streetwear

1. What is the essence of streetwear style?

Streetwear style is a blend of comfort, individualism, and contemporary culture. It often takes inspiration from hip-hop, skate cultures, and contemporary fashion trends.

2. How did streetwear transition from the streets to high fashion?

Brands like Bathing Ape and collaborations with luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton have propelled streetwear to high fashion runways.

3. Are sneakers essential in streetwear?

Absolutely. Sneakers are central to streetwear, symbolizing identity, status, and subculture allegiance.

4. How do I choose the right jacket for a streetwear look?

Consider bombers, varsity jackets, or denim jackets based on the vibe you're aiming for. Each can set a distinct tone for your outfit.

5. What's the difference between 'loose' and 'baggy' in streetwear?

While both offer a relaxed fit, 'loose' is about comfort without compromising style, whereas 'baggy' might appear oversized without shape or structure.

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